Our Success Stories

Let’s talk about EVIE.  The little girl who was named after one of bravest girls who every shared her story with the world.

Little did I know that there was someone who was on their way to adopt her when I pulled her and had her picked up and taken to the vet. Sometimes people just say they were going to adopt dogs but this woman? Nope, she was legit going to get her.

Instead of paying a $95 adoption fee and getting a vaccine and spay she went through our adoption process because Evie was in our care. I owed it to her to follow the same process. She paid the adoption fee we charge for our fully vetted dogs without hesitation.

We called vets. We called personal references. Even got Coral to do her home visit and meet and greet for me. At the end of the day, it was clear, she was Evie’s person. Her son, was Evie’s person. So now Evie spends her days with a smile on her face, playing with her little boy and furry brother and enjoying treats and learning tricks.

Happy endings happen everywhere. Evie didn’t realize hers was in her own backyard. Neither did we but who are we to stand in the way of family happiness.

Congratulations to Evie on finding her perfect furever family and welcome to the LOLAS family Kristi!!