About Us

Our Team

 The founders of Labor of Love Animal Sanctuary (LOLAS) have been rescuing now for over 15 years.  We have helped rescues where needed with transport, supplies, and providing loving homes to fosters over the years.  We would love to take them all into our homes but we know that is not feasible so out of the desire to save as many lives as we can- LOLAS was born.

Our History

 LOLAS is currently operating out of a new barn constructed on our residential property in the hopes to start saving lives of dogs, cats and barnyard animals alike.  We have limitations, however, on dogs.  Our goal remains to raise enough money to build our dream facility in a agricultural location or closing kennel where we can construct our dream facility.

Our Mission

Our goal and mission is to save as many dogs as we can (and cats) from death row and being killed both in the south and the north.

We are on a mission to raise money to buy commercial land that we can build our dream facility on and be able to save a lot of loves.

We will also be training and working with the dogs and evaluating them for training as potential emotional support animals for veterans and troops coming back from deployment.

We are so excited we get to save more lives and make this so meaningful to so many who have wanted to just keep bringing fosters in but can't. Together we can make a huge difference!!